The Northern Company – Tang og tare på Selvær i Træna

Sanking, tørking, oppbevaring og matlagning med tang og tare. The Northern Company er basert på Oldersta i Selvær, Træna

The Northern Company is an award-winning Norwegian company that harvests and sells seaweed from the North Atlantic Ocean. 
We offer handpicked, naturally grown sea vegetables as well as sea vegetables grown on lines. We harvest from the cleanest waters off the coasts of Norway in accordance to organic principles and with respect for the balance of
the ecosystem.

All along the coasts of Norway there is a great variety of seaweeds, many of which are excellent for cooking. Seaweed from the North Atlantic is the new superfood, high in nutrition, vitamins and healthy fatty acids. It is a versatile plant and can be used as an ingredient in everyday dishes as well as in gastronomic specialities.

The Northern Company harvests wild Norwegian seaweed in the cold and pristine waters of the Træna archipelago; unique, remote and stunningly beautiful.
There, at the edge of the Artic circle, we have established Træna food lab, our platform for innovative food production with wild food from the ocean. Our vision is to explore the unique gastronomic possibilities of Norwegian seaweed in combination with the rich variety of local seafood. Our aim is to create a range of local products of the highest quality; green and sustainable.

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 The Northern Company:



The Northern Company
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Zoe Christiansen fra the Northern Company / Træna Foodlab