Træna ligger langt til havs, men man kan komme hit med både hurtigbåt og bilferge som går daglig.

Aktuelle rutetabeller finns på

OBS! Nye sommmerruter Mandag- Fredag med fler avganger fra sommeren 2019 videreføres sommeren 2020

Short guide to Træna!

Search your travel in the 177nordland-app or web page.

  • From Mo i Rana, search from Mo i Rana Stasjon (Rana)
  • From Bodø, search from Bodø (Sentrumsterminalen båt)
  • From Sandnessjøen search from Sandnessjøen hurtigbåtkai (Alstahaug)

From Bodø ( via Stokkvågen by express boat)

  • Mon-Sat 16:15 – 21.40
  • Sunday 16:45 – 22:10

Express-boat (Hurtigbåt) from Sentrumsterminalen (Travel Centre) depart every day.
Buy tickets in the terminal before departure. The harbour is 15 min walk from the airport.
Change boat in Stokkvågen after ca 4 hours (direct change). Express boats are only for passengers, not cars. 

From Mo i Rana (via Stokkvågen by bus) 

  • Mon-Fri at 06:40 – 11:20/12.30 (bus, car ferry)
  • Mon-Sat 16.00-19:05  (bus, express-boat)
  • Sunday at 13:20-16:15 and 18:05-22:10 (bus, express-boat)  

Bus from Mo Stasjon (Mo i Rana Centralstation) to Stokkvågen (1hour 20min). Then express-boat (Hurtigbåt) or Car ferry to Træna. From the Airport in Mo i Rana you need to take the Airport bus (145 NOK ca 25 min) or a taxi. 

From Sandnessjøen (by express boat)

  • Monday-Saturday 16:30 – 19:05
  • Wednesday & Friday 11:00 – 13:30
  • Sunday 13:45 – 16:15 and 19:45 – 22:35
  • Monday – Friday 06:25 – ca11.30/12.00 * Note that this is a combined route with express boat and ferry.  Change boat in Stokkvågen

Express-boat (Hurtigbåt) from Sandnessjøen Hurtigbåtkai  to Træna. From the Airport in Sandnessjøen you need to take the Airport-bus (ca130 NOK ca 20 min) to the centre.

Always check updates via or call (+47)177 – this is just a guide!

Search from Bodø (Sentrumsterminalen båt), Mo i Rana Stasjon ( Rana) or Sandnessjøen hurtigbåtkai (Alstahaug)

Return from Træna to Bodø, Mo i Rana or Sandnessjøen

  • Monday- Saturday
    • Træna – Bodø: 05:50 – Bodø 11.20,
    • Træna – Mo i Rana 05:50 – 8.50
    • Træna – Sandnessjøen 05:50 – 8.20
  • Sunday from Træna
    • 14:15 (car ferry) – only to Stokkvågen
    • 13:10 (express boat) – connections to Bodø, Mo i Rana and Sandnessjøen
    • 19:05 (express boat) – connections to Mo i Rana and Sandnessjøen


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Local boat in Træna

Daily departures to Selvær, Sanna, Holmen, Sandøy from Husøy.


We help you to find the best way to get to Træna, and to get around once you’re here.
If you are traveling by plane Bodø, Sandnessjøen or Mo i Rana are the nearest airports.

For boat rutes, always check for updates here:


Travel there by train or plane. SAS and Norwegian both make several departures daily from Oslo. From Bodø you take the express boat to Træna.

Mo i Rana

Travel there by train or plane, and then catch the bus to Stokkvågen. From Stokkvågen there are several alternative ways to get to Træna (all by boat).


By plane, car or bus; there are several boats to Træna from Sandnessjøen.

Travel pass Nordland
Travel with bus and express boats as much as you like during 7 days for 990 NOK

Download the travel app
Use the APP 177nordland in App-store
Check for updated timetables
This is just a simplification and guide to how the boats and ferries work.
Always remember to check exact times and ask the staff on board to help you guide the way.
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